Monday, March 30, 2015

Blessing come in all forms

Wow, this past week just flew by! The mission is such a weird time warp, things go by so fast but it seems like years ago that I was in Kirksville. Craziness. 
This past Thursday I went on exchanges to Clinton, which is just up the river. It was an interesting city that smelled like processed corn and dog food. There is a Purina dog food plant as well as a corn processing one there. It is quite the combination of aromas. I was with Sister Garrett and in the morning we went running on a path that goes right along the Mississippi! It was so beautiful as I was huffing and puffing trying to keep up with my temporary companion. I've been working out more this transfer, but evidently not enough! Also in Clinton I met a free mason. He was cool and totally dished secrets about masonic worship! Not really, but it was neat talking to him.
So I haven't mentioned it, but with spring coming in "Dead Thing" is totally back in full swing! Sister Nakayu is all about it and we have a good time spotting lumps of animal carcass on the side of the freeway. Also with spring rolling in there is actually green stuff on the ground. Oh how it makes me happy! Whenever I think of spring I just picture like it is in the movies when grass grows in three seconds and lilies pop out of the ground like nothing! It doesn't quite work that way, but slowly things are looking prettier and prettier.
This past week my testimony of so many gospel principles has been strengthened. How grateful I am for the Holy Spirit which testifies of truth! One of our investigators has been a great example to me of the importance of obedience. We taught Elena the Word of Wisdom two weeks ago. It took her two days to stop drinking coffee. Within the next week her paralyzed muscles began to function much more than before, her son became more loving and kind, and her testimony and faith just skyrocketed! Blessings come in all forms when we are obedient to the commandments of God. Elena will enter the waters of baptism and be confirmed this Saturday. I know that without a doubt that obedience begets miracles. Our father is eager and willing to bless us. We just have to use the obedience tool and open the windows of heaven! He WILL pour them out. 
I am so very humbled and blessed to be the Lord's tool. There is no greater call, and no greater means to receive blessings and pure joy, than to be on His errand. 
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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