Monday, April 6, 2015

A baptism and a good-bye to Bettendorf

Elena's Baptism

Going on a nice nature hike to poke a dead deer.

So last week we received news that all the units are changed here in the Quad City area. Our area got split between two wards and we just barely found out today which ward we will be assigned to next transfer. So these next few days will be pretty busy as we inform members, recent converts, less active members, and investigators what's going down. The change will officially take effect on transfer day,Thursday. We also found out this morning I will be leaving and Sister Nakayu will be staying. I have only been here in Bettendorf for three months, but it will be hard to leave. This place is very special to me. 

This past week was amazing! We stayed very close to Elena and she was baptized and confirmed on Saturday in between conference sessions. Elena felt the spirit so strong, was so loving, and was cracking jokes making everyone laugh! It was an rad and joyous day! We also were blessed to watch eight hours of goodness from prophets and apostles, and remember our Savior's sacrifice and resurrection.  Just FYI, General Conference weekend is like the Superbowl of missionary life. Eight hours ends and we're all just like "give us more!" Ipso facto, it seriously was the best week EVER!

Also this past week while at a member's house their little two year old girl sang "follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he's not dead!" Hey, it was totally accurate and hilarious. Her name is Scarlett and she has an older brother by two years named Ethan. They remind me of Tyler and I, towheads that are best frenemies!

Yesterday we went to the Sexton's for Easter dinner. They are a totally sweet family. The meal was almost identical to what we have at home, green stuff, ham, funeral potatoes, and deviled eggs. Yum! Then after the meal we went to play outside with the kids because the weather was so nice. They have a creek that runs through their property and they offered to take us on a walk to see a dead deer! You know we were totally down for that! It was super cool going on a little adventure with the kids. I poked the carcass with a stick. 

My time here in Bettendorf is coming to a close and it is a little bitter sweet, for sure. I didn't think I would grow to love an area and people so fast! The greatest lesson I have learned here is patience. When we came to the area it was difficult balancing training a new sister and getting the area going in terms of missionary work. Bottom line, we struggled through the first transfer. This past transfer we found a lot of investigators, saw some progress, and capped it off with a great baptism of my forever sister, Elena! Patience was the key. Trust in the Lord. Trust that what you are doing is right and constantly look for ways to improve. The Lord will stretch us more than we think is possible or necessary. But He always has our back and will always keep his promises. Be patient in afflictions, in trials, in lulls. I know that my Savior lives, loves, and lifts.

Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs 

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