My Testimony

My testimony is what I believe and know to be true. My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His church on the earth today did not come through one miraculous occasion, but rather, over years of spiritual experiences and confirmations. I once heard someone say at church 'I have had too many confirmations of the spirit to deny.' And I could not feel any different. The Lord has blessed me with his spirit that I can know the truth by listening to His servants, studying the scriptures, pondering, and prayer. My testimony is directly linked to these experiences and confirmations. My testimony is simple and true to my heart.
I know that I have a Heavenly Father. He knows me better than anyone on the earth and knows what is best for me to return to live with Him. He loves me. He knows my desires, trials, joys, and struggles. I am His daughter. He is merciful yet just. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to be the redeemer of the world. Christ is brother and friend. I know he understands the temptations and trials in my life because He endured them all. He endured them all not only for me but for ALL who ever have, will, or do walk the earth. His atonement is eternal and infinite, it strengthens and redeems. His gospel is on the earth in its fullness in these days. It was restored to the earth after an apostasy of the Lord's word by Joseph Smith, a man who gave his life to see the work move forward. The Book of Mormon is the true word of God and is to serve as another testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon alongside the Bible serves as a sure testimony that Jesus is the Christ. Latter-day prophets are on the earth today to testify of Christ, lead and guide His church, and to prepare the world for His return. There is a way to return to our Father, it is through living His gospel and serving His children here on earth. I have found that the greatest joy in my life comes when I am living as my Father in Heaven would have me live. 
Living true to my testimony can be difficult at times, when society tells me everything is a hoax and to live in the now. But I have had too many confirmations of His spirit to let doubt linger or deny what I know to be true. We are that we might have joy. Joy being pure and everlasting happiness. The best way I know how to have joy is to live His will, as He would have me live. His love for me is endless and He wants me to find Joy in the journey back to Him. My faith is strong and conviction sure. This is what I believe and know to be true.

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