Monday, January 4, 2016

meatloaf and car pushing

So I forgot to mention last week, but for Christmas dinners we had some beyond classic Iowa dishes, it was the greatest. For Christmas Eve we had deer roast and on Christmas day we had two meals, both of which consisted of meatloaf! The best.
This past week was another noteworthy holiday that is not so noteworthy as a missionary, New Years Eve! We got some Martinelli's and Italian soda from the grocery store across the street, made some been dip, and created props for our district skit. It was quite the night.
This Tuesday we have zone conference in Des Moines. Usually we have a fun Christmas Zone conference when we do skits and watch a movie after receiving some training. Elder Martino came in December so we are having our fun Zone Conference for New Years instead. President and Sister Jensen never want to skip out on a little fun. Unfortunately on Tuesday I have to give my departing testimony and have my departing interview with President! It's all coming too fast! Something tells me I'll survive though.
This past week we got a bit of snow and on exchanges our poor little red Toyota Carolla got stuck in the snow. Three sister were out there trying to push as I steered when a truck stopped to help. Out jumped two young men who looked like they could be in a band and they pushed us right out of the snow. Then later in the day Sister Whipple and I stopped and did the same for someone else. It was so fun to help that guy because we knew exactly how he felt! 
It was the light of Christ that motivated those two young men to stop and help us. It was the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost that brought joy to our hearts as we pushed that random guy in his little car out of the snow later in the day. I am so grateful for the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost that always motivate and inspire us to do good continually. Pray for and seek those opportunities to do good. Your efforts and service will yield light! In turn, the same light that will motivate others to turn to Christ.
This spiritual ramble was not my best performance. Jesus loves you, don't forget it!
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs  

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