Monday, January 18, 2016

Friends of Joseph Smith welcome

If you know Courtney, you know that this is no small miracle that she is bowling.

So on Sunday it didn't get above 0 degrees. The snow is so frozen that we walk on top of it. We don't kick rocks, we kick ice chunks. And I never thought I'd despise yellow snow as much as I do, it's disgusting and never goes away. (That sounded extremely negative. Not my intention!) It's a lovely 7 degrees out today! There you go. 
So this past week I participated in my last Mission Leadership Council. That was tender, and weird. I also had my last exchange with sisters. Man, all these "lasts" are making me trunky! It's a joke, don't worry. I'm working hard and having a ton of fun! Tomorrow all the departing missionaries go to the Nauvoo Temple! It's an all day trip and it should be a blast.
This past week we went out way into the country to visit a less active lady with Sister Higgs, our Relief Society President. On out way back there had been some snow, so naturally it was blowing around! It was blowing across the road so thick that it looked like a white sheet continuously being dragged across the highway. It was super cool and kinda eerie looking cause it also looked like fingers of fog running to go poison someone like a scary movie. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it looked cool to see the snow flow across the road!
I have heard from the sisters in Des Moines, that my recent convert, Sylvia, is on fire for Jesus! She has a picture of Joseph Smith on her door with a sign that says "Friends of Joseph Smith welcome!" It's the greatest! I receive letters from her as well and she just shares her testimony of the restoration with everyone! She said that it fills her with the spirit and joy. It's so true, we will have the spirit with us more often and we will feel true joy as we share the gospel freely!
Something super cool that I have learned from my mission are the principles of sacrifice and consecration. I know that like Neal A. Maxwell said "Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory." I have learned to give my Father in Heaven the only thing that He cannot take. My will. My agency. It is a precious thing to us all, the power to make choices. But I strive to not act except under the influence of the spirit, and the results are amazing! I hope and pray that I can continue to surrender my will to my Father's. I know that as we put our agency on the altar that the Lord will make far more out of us than we can ourselves. He will mold, shape, stretch, and pound us into a masterpiece. A perfect tool in His hands!
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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