Monday, January 11, 2016

illuminated mind in 5 degree weather

Nice warm high of 7

So this weekend was cold! Yesterday the high was 7. Yup. A windchill brought it down to -12. It's a real thing folks! We couldn't knock doors because we were close to getting frostbite. Well, we braved it on Saturday, knocking a few doors then scurrying back to the car to thaw a bit. 
On Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Des Moines which was sweet! Our skit was a fail. But at least we thought it was funny! It was pretty strange giving my departing testimony, but even stranger to have my departing interview with President and hear him talk marriage advice! We'll just leave it at that.
This past week we were at a members' house out in the country and the kids were playing rodeo! Two were cows and the other had a legit rope and they ran around the house. It was the best. Boots and buckles were included as well. 
Random side note. At home, stewing all day in our crock pot, are Little Smokies smothered in BBQ sauce. Aw yeah! Plus also, today is Zone Pday in Ames. I'm about to get on my bowling shoes and beat some elders!
Seeing as I only have three more opportunities for a spiritual rant, I'll be sharing some of my most prized bits o' wisdom that I have learned over the last 18 months.
If you don't already know, I love love!! This past week I made the connection that when our love is pure and Christlike the spirit will guide and illuminate our minds. This past week we went on two exchanges and both sisters I was with were facing trials. Both situations pretty intense, they were things that I have not faced myself.  After they had dumped their grief, I felt that I had nothing. Nothing to console or counsel. But quickly as I relied on the spirit analogies about the huge chocolate cake in Matilda came to my mind, encouraging words filled my mouth, and comfort over the phone was real as we both felt the spirit. It was an amazing experience being able to help the sisters. I love them and sincerely wish for their joy and success!
It is an insanely true principle that perfect love is the dopest vehicle for the spirit to guide and comfort. I know that when we flood our lives with charity, that pure love, that we will never be led astray. For it is the Spirit that will be our constant guide.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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