Tuesday, March 17, 2015

firery darts

I realized this past week that my writing had become boring to me, and if it is boring to me then it is definitely boring to the reader! So, like missionaries do, I evaluated myself and did a better job of taking notes this past week of interesting things to write about! Hopefully this is a little more enthralling than the last few months have sounded. 
With the nice weather there are people out doing something on every block! Winter hibernation has ceased and people are soaking up the rays. Something cool about Bettendorf is that wherever you go in the city there is a two lane exercise path. Literally, everywhere. Even on major and big streets! It's pretty rad because it makes for some good people watching as we drive. The other day we saw a lady rollerblading, her husky pulling her, hair flowing and she was jamming out to some tunes! It was quite a site to see. 
Also something funny about missionary work here is that when we knock on a door and the people are not expecting us we often times just hear "who is?!" It caught us off guard the first time and but now we just yell back "missionaries!" It's fun, except for when they don't open the door. 
The work is going better here and we are seeing our area the investigators progress more. We were blessed to find more investigators this week and look forward to helping two others progress to baptismal dates. Elena is one of my favorite people I have ever taught! I love her so much, not only because she cooks for us, but because of her sweet spirit and fun loving personality! The people of Iowa are the best.
This past Saturday Sister Nakayu and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Nauvoo Temple! We went with our ward Relief Society. Nauvoo is about two hours down the Mississippi. It was great to be there and have the opportunity to worship in the temple. After our session we went over to the stake center for lunch. Walking up to the building I recognized a car, it was from Kirksville! When we got in the building we learned that the young women from the Nauvoo stake were there for a meeting and activity later in the day! I was so blessed to see so many people from Kirskville. It was most definitely a tender mercy of the Lord. 
A side note, I've never mentioned, but there are Bald Eagles everywhere! Especially down by the river. They are not in vans though, we saw like six up in a tree on Saturday. They are huge and so majestic! 
I am so very grateful that as a missionary I have the opportunity to study the scriptures for two hours every morning! They provide the armor for us to go out into the world. Read 1 Nephi 15:24 what better way to prepare for the day than to fortify ourselves against the fiery darts of the adversary! Feast, don't just nibble or put it on the shelf to have every once and a while. A greater resolve to stand in the ways of righteousness will come as we do so!
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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