Monday, October 5, 2015

Apply it!

This is right next to their building.  Very scenic.

Courtney with Thomas the Train!

So this past week was a doozie! We were blessed to be able to be in at least 20 hours of meetings (Mission Leadership Council, Zone Training Meetings, and General Conference), had two people attend General Conference (Allan and Robert), and it's finally legitly cooling down! I walked out of our apartment building, which smells like pancake batter and dust bunnies, and it was beautiful outside! The air was nice and crisp and the smell of fresh cut grass was in the air. I love tender mercies!
Every small town in Iowa has a claim to fame, some more famous than others. But they really latch on to that claim and run with it! Here in Boone they don't let anyone forget that they have a Walmart, Ledges State Park is right down the road, and Mamie Eisenhower was born right in this here city! Yup that's right, First Lady Eisenhower! Sometimes we drive the street named after her and if we're luckty we drive past her birthplace every fourth day. Gotta love small town Iowa. Oh and if you were wondering there are 12,000 people here in Boone! It's great, pretty soon there will be two wards here with all the people we're planning to help be baptized!
Two people that we are teaching, Allan and Robert came to conference like I mentioned. They are a bit older but both quite a hoot. The demographic of people we teach out here is far different than that of Des Moines! Blue jeans, flannels, man pony tails, and houses full of overstuffed recliners are much more common. It's great.
I absolutely LOVED conference! Like i've said before, it's like Super Bowl weekend for us missionaries. Eight hours is finished and we say "it went by too fast, I wan't some more!"
I especially loved all of the talks... no but if I had to choose one of the talks I enjoyed a lot I would have to say it was Larry R. Lawrence's talk. He spoke of praying and asking Father in Heaven "what lack I yet? What is keeping me from progressing?" I have seen the Master shape me time and time again as I have been in His service and asked Him those questions. Sometimes the answers are simple like "take care of yourself and stop eating so much sugar." And other times the counsel carries equal weight but is more poignant like "don't just look at the atonement sitting on the shelf, apply it!" 
I know that I am not perfect in this regard. I still strive to ask these questions more frequently. But I know that our Father in Heaven will guide us as we turn to Him and we will changed as we heed His counsel.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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