Monday, September 28, 2015

From Des Moines to Boone...

Man oh man, I am back in small town Iowa! I was transferred last week and now reside in Boone! It's a town of twelve thousand and I love it! There is a full ward here and church yesterday was great. It's quite a change from Des Moines, but I am liking it a lot. Boone is about fifteen minutes west of Ames, which is where Iowa State University is. 

I forgot to tell you but a few weeks ago in Des Moines we found a new investigator, Mu Kye (Moo Kai). She was really cool. She is Kyean, from Burma. Well we were in her house and were looking at photos on her wall. All the ladies had gold rings on their necks and on the knees. Yup, Mu Kye used to stretch her neck with those gold rings. You've probably seen her on National Geographic. To contrast the type of people we find here in Boone, I'll tell you about Robert. We taught Robert yesterday on his porch. He has gray hair that is pulled back in a pony tail, and wore a flannel and blue jeans. Oh the people you find in Iowa! I love 'em.
My new companions are Sister Beattie, from Nashville, Tennessee and Sister McKinstry, from Phoenix, Arizona! They are just great and we have a lot of fun together. I actually served around Sister Beattie in the Nauvoo Stake and I was her Sister Training Leader in Des Moines, so we're good friends already. Last night we were taking mustache pictures with our hair and watched the blood moon. We're pretty much BFFs already.

Here in Boone there are a lot of trains! Like for real, we go to sleep hearing the trains rumble by just a few blocks away. Also, Thomas the Train was in town. No joke, a train that looked exactly like Thomas. His eyes moved, smoke stack spewed some sort of vapor. He was the real deal, and totally the talk of the town. 

I really liked the song we sang this morning in companionship study, "They the Builders of The Nation." Particularly there was a line I felt to share. "Ev'ry day some burden lifted, Ev'ry day some heart to cheer". Everyday we can have our burdens lifted by the atonement of Jesus Christ. Truly the atonement is for everything, an everyday remedy. And as we have our burdens lifted we can in turn let the light of Christ shine through us and cheer another one's heart. There's really nothing better than applying the atonement and sharing the resultant light with others.

Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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