Wednesday, September 9, 2015

stringing scriptures

Searching hard for signs of Fall.

So this past week was stellar! Still hotter than no other, but this week is cooling off already. The leaves are changing on about one in every 50 trees... but that's still pretty exciting! I've already collected a handful of super rad ones and they're in my scriptures getting extra flat.

We found a whole slew of new investigators this past week. A few weeks ago we realized that not many of our investigators were really progressing. So over two weeks we purged about 50% of them. It was hard but a total act of faith that the Lord would lead us to those where prepared and legit about finding and following truth. It was amazing because Father in Heaven blessed us with eight new investigators, three of which we have already set baptismal dates with! One of them, who's name is TaRena, saw an ad online for The Book of Mormon and felt like she needed to read it. She is so SOLID! I am so grateful for the blessings of diligence, faith, and obedience as we serve and strive to bring souls unto Christ.

I am beyond grateful for the gift and companionship of the Holy Ghost.
This past Sunday our recent convert, Sylvia, bore her testimony! A week with the gift of the Holy Ghost has done her wonders. Her testimony and conviction concerning the restored gospel has just blossomed. She is filled with peace, love, and so much joy. She said in her testimony "I am not ashamed to say that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!" To which bishop and us missionaries got the biggest grin on our faces. "People ask me if I go to church and when I tell them yeah they scoff. I just say, I'll pray for ya!" Man oh man do I love Sylvia and her testimony. Miatta also got up and bore a powerful testimony about how she can feel Jesus with her all the time because of the Holy Ghost. There's nothing like hearing your recent converts bear their testimonies, your heart is filled with joy and you feel like a proud mother!

Also on exchanges I was in the Hermanas area. I didn't know what was going on most of the day because everything was in Spanish. Needless to say it was great because the spirit was there. During a lesson I was prompted to share a sequence of scriptures from the Bible, all scriptures I had memorized references to but had never strung them together. Because of the influence of the spirit I was able to teach Allan simply and clearly why he needed to be baptized again and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was amazing! The spirit bore witness of the truthfulness of the doctrine and Allan accepted a baptismal date!

I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost. It is a foretaste of Heaven that can bring it's blessings and miracles. Be worthy of it, seek it, and then strive to always heed it's promptings!

Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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