Monday, September 21, 2015

Last week in her beloved city

So this past week has been beyond stellar! The weather has been perfect, in the 60s and 70s. I keep telling people "Hey this is what Christmas day feels like in California!" It's safe to say I have had some great nostalgic moments, like thinking briefly about riding my new scooter from Santa down the street in shorts and a new hoodie that is too warm.
Yesterday we were out contacting less active members and inviting them to church, these were people that did not have home and visiting teachers assigned. AKA people that have requested no contact with the church. Those can be really interesting at times, super awkward for them but I just laugh it off and fulfill my missionary duties. So knock on a house door and we talk to this guy who is living with a member. The member wasn't home. We extended the invite, he said "cool", and we gave him a picture of Christ. The picture had our number on the back, and oh yeah, the 13 Articles of Faith. It was the sweet picture of Jesus sitting with the kids, the one you get in primary. So this random guy takes the card, glances at the back and says "Oh, it's got his stats on the back!" That gave me a solid laugh that I couldn't hold in. Touché, random bearded guy, touché.
We got transfer calls this morning... President Jensen called. I am leaving Des Moines! I am so sad, but all good things must come to an end. I have made so many great memories and friends here! Des Moines will always have a big place in my heart. I love this city! (Insert yet another cheesy and cliché phrase)! I am excited about a new adventure though! President informed me that I will go to a new area, I will have a Sister Training Leader companion, and us two Sister Training Leaders will train a brand new sister!!! That is insane! I have never heard of such a thing happening! I am curious how a trio will work out... but I am super excited for this new adventure. What's even crazier is that Sister Williams will be staying here and the same situation will happen! Two Sister Training Leaders and a fresh new sister. Transfers are always exciting, but nothing this adventurous has happened to my companionship before. Next week I will be sure to tell you about my new area and my TWO new companions!
Yesterday in church we heard about humility and pride. It was a great reality check. Someone said once "If you think you are humble, you're not." I have come to learn that humility is like a drop of water on clay. It softens us up and makes us workable. When we are humble we are able to be shaped and formed in the Master's hands. When we are prideful, or lack humility, we dry up, become hard, and simply sit on the table as a hunk of clay. I'd much rather be the soft and workable! I know that as we strive to be humble through prayer, studying the Savior, following the spirit, and serving others we will be able to become what the Master has in mind for us.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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