Monday, October 19, 2015

Amber Waves of Grain

So like I said last week, fall is in full force. That means that the corn stalks are rotting and all the bugs that were in the fields are now dive bombing our faces because they are scared of giant tractors. But that's besides the point. When we drive to see other sisters in other small towns, a line from "America the Beautiful" takes on more meaning. "Amber waves of grain" are so so so pretty! No joke. We'll be driving, come over a hill above the six foot tall dead corn, and just see rolling hills of swaying grain. It truly is a sight to see, one you can see for miles and miles. It's awesome. 
These past two weeks we've gone to choir practice. If you know me even the slightest, you know I am not that kinda person. But lunch can wait, and when you're a missionary you have greater patience/appreciation for others' interest. Plus also, the spirit is really strong when 30 people are singing Redeemer of Israel!
This past week we went on exchanges to Marshalltown, which is pretty much a miniature version of Des Moines! We talked to so many people and they were all just the coolest cats. We even taught a Liberian family, I was in heaven and my companions were a little less than thrilled about the loud noises and lack of attention given to our words. Going to Marshalltown was definitely a tender mercy! There's even people from Burma there!
I wanted to share the secret to the success of the Iowa Des Moines Mission. We have a successful mission. With 100 less missionaries we are still doing the same amount of work. It's amazing. President Jensen tells us all the time, "the secret to a successful missionary and mission is SANCTIFICATION." It is a true principle. When we are sanctified the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, the real teacher, will be with us. President never focuses on new programs and rarely focuses on teaching skills. Rather he teaches us how to be pure. 
The same principle can be applied to all phases of life. The secret to the success of a ward is sanctification. The secret to the success of a family is sanctification. The secret to the success of a presidency is sanctification. We all have weapons of rebellion that we can bury to in turn become more pure. Through prayer we can identify what the Lord would have us root out of our lives and never return to. We can ask ourselves "what lack I yet?" Do it! The Lord will help you and His grace is suffiecient The spirit will be with you more and personal sanctification will bring success. I know it is true because I have seen it time and time again in myself and other missionaries. 
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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