Monday, October 12, 2015

"On Date!"

She said there were a lot of frogs.

This is at a place called Ledges in Courtney's area.

So this past week we drove a whole lot! We went all the way to the northern most part of our mission, Mason City. There are sister there and we went on exchanges. It just so happens that my trainee, Sister Nakayu, is serving there and we spent a good 24 hours together! It was epic. 
 In Mason City on exchanges

What else was epic was the massive amounts of tractors and combines on the road and in the fields. Everybody and their dog is harvesting right now. It's pretty cool to see big monster looking things mow down stalks of corn by the dozen and make big dust clouds as they chop up the dry soy beans. What else do you see driving through Iowa for two hours? Wind farms! Man, we drove through this part of the country that had probably 50 windmills all spread out. They are HUGE and it's super cool to just drive with all of them around!
Wow, my life is just full of the coolest and most epic things ever right now, hopefully you'll understand. So when I left Kirksville they closed the are to sisters and brought in elders. That means all the people we taught got forgotten, for the most part. But sisters are back in Kirksville as I exclaimed a few weeks ago. In president's weekly email he has a list of everyone that has a baptismal date and has been to church. I checked it today and THREE people I taught in Kirksville are "on date" for baptism! I am so so so elated!!! Fist pumps were in order reading those three sisters' names. It's great knowing that my efforts in Kirksville were not in vain and that despite not having any baptisms there, the seeds were sown and are now sprouting for other sisters to harvest.
It really is all about the Lord's time and our perspective. We must trust, continue forward in faith, and be obedient always. The blessings and miracles will come. They always do.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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