Monday, June 29, 2015

First Ordinances

Friends from Burma on baptism day

New Burmese Karens

Wow I cannot believe that this transfer has come to an end so fast! My time with the ever awesome Sister Froerer is rapidly coming to an end and I will miss her a ton! But I'll be staying here in Des Moines for at lest six more weeks, so there's some consolation.
This past week on Wednesday we had some crazy weather all day, thunderstorms off and on and downpours! We had a good time playing in the rain and the rivers that ran down the streets. At night we were at a member's house for a late dinner which was great. We got out and had a missed call and text from our zone leaders, we were to return home immediately because of multiple tornado warnings! We were racing home with the sky totally green and not a soul out on the streets. It was the longest ten minutes! We made it home safely and there was immense amounts of thunder and lightning for the rest of the night. It was pretty fun to watch the sky light up like a camera flashing every four or five seconds.
Despite some crazy weather this week everything went well to help prepare Ruth M and Peet M to be baptized. They were both baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! There was the sweetest spirit there as we witnessed their first ordinances of the gospel.On Friday night we had just half an hour to get home but we stopped by to see Peet Min and his family. He bore his testimony to us through his cousin, Aung, who translated for us. Peet  thanked us for helping him come to know Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father better, and for teaching him about repentance. The spirit was so strong there, and I knew that it was not our masterful teaching or eloquence of speech that converted him. It was the spirit. The simple truths of the gospel touched his heart and his countenance shown through as he acted in faith to receive his first ordinances. It's the spirit that is the greatest and most powerful tool because when those we teach feel it's influence they have a foretaste of heaven. That feeling is eternal and motivates us to act.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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