Tuesday, June 16, 2015

raise the bar and check your speed

This past week we had Zone Conference here in Des Moines with the Des Moines and Ames Stake missionaries. It was super fun as I saw a lot of friends and Sister Froerer and I gave a training to the almost 100 missionaries there! The main man over the global fleet of the church was there and trained for an hour and a half right before us. You'd think that hearing about a driver accountability program would be boring but Brother Ott was the hit of the conference! He was so spiritual and loving and bold, all the while talking about a little black box that was going in our cars to monitor our driving! So we followed him and we think we kept the goodness going. That little black box told me "check your speed", which was alarming as I was going 63 on the freeway here in Des Moines.
We also went on exchanges this week and I went back to Winterset, the place where I got bit by a dog during a lesson and where John Wayne was born. On the way back home there were some clouds that were beyond sketchy! The sky was green way off in the distance and the black and grey clouds were ominous. We scurried on home and were safe, but man have I never been more afraid of clouds!
Stake Conference was this weekend and before the Saturday session we went out to eat with the sisters in our stake. There was a couple there at the mall that were members and were in town from Omaha for the conference. They bought our food, knew President Jergensen, and were so nice to us all! It was definitely a great tender mercy to spend dinner getting to know the Okiishi's. We went to conference and they were on the stand because they are the President and Matron of the Winter Quarters temple! They were so humble to say that they were on "assignment in Omaha." We then heard from David S. Baxter of the Seventy for the weekend and it was a great blessing! Also, Sister Froerer was picked by Elder Baxter to share a two minute testimony! She nailed it.
Much of the meetings were focused on keeping the Sabbath day holy. The Sabbath is a blessing and should not be taken lightly. I know that living the Sabbath day at a higher law brings about spiritual progress, I have personally experienced tremendous growth as I have kept the Sabbath day holy. The work will hasten when we live better and qualify for the spirit. D. Todd Christofferson said at a leadership training something to the effect of, "The world is wicked enough for the Savior to come again, but the saints are not righteous enough." Raise the bar, live the higher law of the Sabbath so that we can begin to qualify for the Savior's spirit and presence.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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