Monday, June 22, 2015

110% humidity and 110% love for the work

These past few days have been in the high 80s and low 90s with probably 110% humidity. Hello summer in the Midwest! My oh my has the weather been lovely, most definitely wilt worthy. The other day on exchanges with the hermanas we were talking to this Mexican lady and I was just standing there not knowing what was going on as sweat dripped down my face and neck. Solid. Anything for this amazing work!
I was also blessed to meet a man downtown who plays his guitar in the skywalk. His name is Gordon. The first thing he said to me was "Are you Latter-day Saints? It's a shame about old Gordon, I took a ride with him a few years ago." He then proceeded to tell me that at Woodstock he baptized 3,000 people with rain. He gave us a fist bump and said "Jesus power, pass it on!" Gordon is a hoot.
Peet Min passed his baptismal interview and a lady named Ruth who we just met last Monday is having her interview tonight! They will both be baptized on Saturday, which is definitely a miracle. I am glad that Sister Froerer's last Saturday on the mission will be spent seeing our beloved friends enter the waters of baptism!
Something that I have learned as I have had the privilege to work closely with mission leaders as well as President and Sister Jensen on the Mission Leadership Council is that the basics of the gospel are by far the most important to spiritual progression and happiness. President said this past week "I'm not about developing new programs, I just look at the brethren and follow their lead." If you think about General Conference, what is most often preached is the atonement of Jesus Christ, the sacredness of the family, prayer, Sabbath day observance, missionary work, and our relationship with our Father in Heaven. The basics. We need not clutter our mode of operation in the gospel or in our callings with new programs to roll out or nifty ways to do the work of salvation. Stick to the basics that the brethren counsel us on and all will be well. We WILL progress spiritually and find joy as we stick to the basics. Keep the Sabbath holy, pray fervently, and read the word of God everyday!
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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