Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring is in the air

Loving Spring weather

Loving Des Moines

Yesterday it was in the 80s and it was so awesome! Summer is coming and I am so very excited. There is pollen flying everywhere, literally. When a gust of wind comes it looks like a cloud of yellow is whooshing away. Our car is covered in it!
This past week we went on exchanges and stayed the night in Lamoni, which is about an hour and a half south in the middle of nowhere. Kinda like everything else in Iowa. Lamoni is full of Community of Christ members, formerly known as RLDS. The sisters who serve there come across some "different" challenges. Lots of people down there know the Book of Mormon is true (even though they denounce it...?), believe in a modern day prophet, and understand priesthood authority. People tell the sisters "don't worry, one day you'll get the priesthood too." Super weird and unique to serve there! I was consistently baffled as Sister Froerer loved reminiscing, as she had served there earlier in her mission.
I guess you could say that this week was a little strange, as we had dinner with an atheist... We went to see our sweet investigator, Nellie. She is Bosnian and just likes learning about Christ even though she is Muslim. Well, her friend was there and he was not digging the whole religion thing. Nellie invited us to the table and so came Carl to eat some chicken and potatoes. Let's just say that Sister Froerer and I had to truly stand as a witness of Christ, boldly. We refrained from bashing as he mocked almost every front of Christianity and Mormonism. Bearing our testimonies of Christ as our savior and that temples are the house of God was a testimony builder. I know more now that the world and its people need God more than ever! It is impossible to find true happiness without the goodness of God. So share it, don't be ashamed, and stand as a witness! It's a guarantee that we will have the spirit with us and will find joy as we stand as a witness against Satan's mischief.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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