Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Literally walking by faith

Yes, this picture was taken in May.

Her zone
Yesterday we went to Iowa City all day for Mission Leadership Council, which was totally rad. On the way home it was about 7 pm and the sun was not quite setting. The clouds filled the sky so beautifully! The great thing about the flatness of Iowa is that you see so much of the sky, a solid 180 degrees and even more if you're looking in your mirrors. There were billowy cumulus nimbus and stringy stratus clouds, rain clouds, and clouds so dark they looked like a tornado was about to come. There were clouds showering rain and others letting the sun just shine through. White, baby blue, periwinkle, deep purple, grey, and charcoal. I am not exaggerating when I say it was the most beautiful mix of every cloud I have ever seen!
I didn't write about it last week but I am staying here in Des Moines for another transfer with Sister Froerer! She will go home at the end of the transfer so I'll probably be here two more. Sometimes we have too much fun, so I'm excited to send her out with a bang! Like last night we were on the phone with some elders, she wouldn't stop poking me and then she poked my armpit. I tackled her and her knee came up and bopped me right in the nose! I bloody nose and some pretty good laughs ensued. I'm sure the elders on the other end were really confused.
We teach a recent convert named Janet every week. Janet is blind but reads the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants in brail! We had a lesson with her about faith recently and the spirit prompted me to testify of her own faith as she goes through life not being able to see. Janet literally walks by faith each day. She has to trust constantly. She has faith that her furniture will be in the right place when she goes to sit, faith that it is indeed us on the other side of the door, faith that she can endure the anxieties that come with blindness. It isn't easy for her, but her faith is incredible! I have often thought "when can I qualify my faith as being sufficient." I have come to realize that our faith is sufficient when we can take steps in the dark knowing it is not popular, when we have firm hope in the Lord's promised blessings as we endure trials, and when we as the Lord's servants are instruments in his hands without hesitation. Tad R. Callister in The Infinite Atonement said it so well, "the tides of trial can come, the ocean waves of worldly reason pound against our souls, the current and popular trends tug with all their mighty sway, but there unmoved, unfazed, unharmed is the soul that is anchored by FAITH." So do as Elder Holland implores so well "Hope on. Journey on... fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe." Whether a flicker or roaring, do whatever it takes to fan that flame of faith!
This work of salvation is true. Our Father wants nothing more than for us to return to him more pure and sanctified, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is how we do just that. 
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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