Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ming Ka La Ba (hello in Burmese chin)

Hey so like I've said before, spring is totally in full bloom and it is beyond beautiful. There are trees that produce seeds that fall to the ground like helicopters. They spin so fast and are fun to try and catch!
A weird side note. When we teach Burmese families we sit on the floor for the whole lesson. Sometimes they try to have us sit on stools or on the couch but that is weird if they are all sitting on the floor. So we sit cross legged for a solid hour, or try to at least. Almost every time I get up after a solid lesson I feel like my hips are about to pop out of their socket and my knees go backward like a flamingo. But hey, at least it only feels like it and it doesn't actually happen... that would be bad. Good thing I really love the precious Burmese people!
We were lucky enough to teach a lady named Mami this past week. She's from Sierra Leone and we found her one day as she was listening to African music, holding a baby, and dancing on her balcony! She is older and babysits her grandchildren all the time and just dances with them, so "all the kids want to go to grandmama's house." She is so cool, happy, and has a lot of faith. It was really fun teaching her.
This week Sister Froerer and I really focused on using the scriptures in lessons and it was so great to see investigators respond well to both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I have found myself studying the scriptures and running out of time to study anything else as I have been just immersed in scriptural discoveries. And yesterday our lesson in Relief Society was on the flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon. I guess it is accurate to say that the word of God has been the theme this week. I want to tell you a little about Ann L a member in our ward. Sister L is a gem! She lives at a group home, a place where a lot of "interesting" people live. Let's just say I have only felt the spirit there a handful of times. It's rough. But Sister Lknows how to manage and make it work as she lives there. She reads and reads and reads. She has read the Book of Mormon FIVE times already this year! Sister L came to a lesson with us this past week and bore powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restoration to our investigator. The word of God protects and fortifies us folks! May we help it flood the earth and our lives!
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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