Monday, November 3, 2014

What Joseph and Courtney have in common...

So I can't believe that I have already been here in Kirksville for three months and that it is already November! I calculated with my sharp math mind that I am already one sixth of the way done with my mission! What?! That was super weird to realize. How did that happen?
Anyways, this past week was pretty good. We went to Quincy again for Zone Training Meeting on Friday, and of course we played "Dead Thing." I saw some interesting things that I better not describe. But Zone Training Meeting was so great as we heard trainings from our Zone and Sister Training Leaders. Those trainings always come at the right time and teach us what we need to know and do to elevate our service. It is so amazing how the Lord inspires leaders of the church to carry out His work. Our Zone Leaders are sweet and got us all fake mustaches, which we wore for a family photo. I'm sure that was inspired as well.
Friday was also Halloween, but we didn't get home until five from Quincy and we waited to be picked up for the ward Trunk or Treat and then the person that was supposed to pick us up finally showed up at our house at 6:30 and gave us gobs of candy! She forgot to pick us up so we just ate candy and hung out in the apartment the rest of the night. We had to be in by six. Zero trick or treaters came by. Super eventful night.
On Saturday we had a great lesson with an investigator, her name is Brenda and is a sister to a less active member and the aunt of another investigator of ours, Ryan. We watched The Restoration, it's the 20 minute Joseph Smith movie. It was super cool cause as I watched it the spirit taught me something. When God the Father and Jesus Christ appear to Joseph Smith our Heavenly Father says, "Joseph, this is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!" Our Heavenly Father doesn't say "This is My Beloved Son." He calls Joseph by name. Right then and there the spirit confirmed to me that my Father knows my name just as he knows Joseph's. Sure Joseph Smith was foreordained to be the Prophet of the restoration of the gospel in the latter days to prepare the way for Christ. You might think "of course God knows Joseph's name!" But I know that He knows our names too. I testified to Brenda that our Heavenly Father knows her very well, and that He knows her name just as He knows Joseph's. I have never felt the Holy Spirit of Truth testify that what I was speaking was truth more than I did in that moment. I know without a doubt that we are all sons and daughters of a living God. That our spirits are divine and in turn we are divine. Our potential is endless and we have a Father waiting for us to turn to Him. Oh how great is this truth! There is power in this knowledge as it has blessed my life and those around me.
Love yall,
Sister Skaggs

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