Monday, October 27, 2014

"Dead Thing"---It's not Courtney's attitude!

This past week was a good one! We went to Quincy, Illinois on Tuesday for interviews. We have a nice talk with Sister Jensen and an interview with President Jenses and meet with our district as other missionaries are being interviewed. It was so great and I love President and Sister Jensen a lot. President is like your bishop, dad and grandpa all wrapped into one out here.
On the way back from Quincy Sister Paul and I played a fun game. The ride is a little less than two hours and the game is called "Dead Thing!" I made it up and it's pretty fun. There's so much roadkill out here it's rediculous! Different animals are different points and you have to yell out "dead thing" when you initially see it and then you get the points after it is identified. I know, not super missionary-like but I wanted to let yall know that I am having a good time!
On Saturday we went to two baptsims! Not for our companionship, one was for an eight year old boy and another for a convert in the other ward. It was so nice to attend those baptisms because it reminded me why I am here and what our goal is. The same exact power of the priesthood held by Christ is on the earth. I have no doubt of that because too often has the spirit of truth confirmed that to me as I witness baptisms, see the sacrament blessed and passed, and attend the temple to participate in the ordinances there. What an amazing blessing!
There is not much to report on in terms of the work, I'll let yall know when we've got some people on date for baptism and they're coming to church. As for know we are working hard to find Heavenely Father's elect sons and daughters. This work is amazing, I have never been happier, and I know without a doubt that the Lord has His hand in every piece of the work of salvation. True and everlasting joy is found in obedience and diligence in living God's commandments. No other way. If I were not keeping the commandments and staying close to the spirit this work would not bring me joy. Getting doors closed in my face, people telling me the Book of Mormon is not the word of God, investigators dropping us and avoinding us like the plague, and walking ten miles a day. It's hard. Really hard sometimes. But I am happy, my soul is filled with joy as Ammon would say. I don't understand how it works but me being as happy as I've ever been is proof of the truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other way to find peace and joy in this life and in the life to come. I know it.
Love yall,
Sister Skaggs

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