Monday, October 6, 2014

Sister Skaggs finds a unicorn and fruit

So it's official. I scared for winter. Saturday we it was 42 degrees as we were walking to the church building to watch conference. The wind chill was probably down in the twenties and my knuckles were stiff because I made the mistake of not wearing a skirt with pockets. I wore tights for the first time since I was seven. Members joke and say "oh that wasn't even bad, wait until February when it two degrees and the wind chill is negative twenty." I'm glad it was only a tease for now and it's back up in the sixties, but I am definitely wanting fall to run a little long!
This weekend was General Conference and it was like a feast for us missionaries. Never before has eight hours of addresses flown by so fast! It was finished and I was like "no, I want more!" I am so grateful that Christ's church is on the earth and that we have a Prophet and Apostles to learn from. Their teachings are the words of God as they are inspired men. I can't wait to go back and read the talks when they come out in print.
Two weeks ago we focused a lot on finding and I even gave a training on it at district meeting. We learned a lot about it because we were doing so much of it! The number of the people we were teaching had dwindled and the ones we still had were all pretty busy or sick. It was tough that despite our efforts and focus were had not found any new people to teach. But this past week the lessons we learned in that tough week really benefited the work as we found three new investigators! We were bold in our invitations to be baptized and really worked diligently to talk to everyone we saw. I know what Moroni said is true in Ether 12:6, that often times we do not receive a witness or see the fruits of dedicated service until after the trial of our faith. It might be hard now and things may be going slow, or not even going at all, but the Lord will provide. He sees our efforts and hard work on His behalf. If we bear it with patience the fruits of our work and lessons we learn will be that much greater!
Love yall,
Sister Skaggs

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