Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Courtney's first visit to the Nauvoo Temple

I am running out of time unfortunately so this one will be shorter. This past week we had the opportunity to go to Nauvoo, Illinois on Tuesday! It was such a great experience because we watched Meet the Mormons with all the missionaries in the stake and then Sister Ramsey and I went to the temple. I just loved Nauvoo and it was a great experience. The drive to the city is great too as you drive alongside the Mississippi River for about ten minutes, winding your way north to the city. The drive reminded me of  the drive to BYU-Hawaii from town and it was very nastalgic as the river slapped the shore and came close to the road at times. It was not as pretty as the blue waters in Hawaii because the water was a muddy brown, but it was pretty because it was the most water I had seen or been near in months. 
Everyone should go see the movie Meet the Mormons! It is like an I'm a Mormon message on human growth hormones. It was so so great as it was funny and informational and uplifting. One of my favorite messages from the movies was that we are all sons and daughters of God no matter what our background may be. There is so much power in that idea, that if we can recognize every single person as our brother or sister things will be so much better. I know it sounds all hippie and peace and love, but it is true. Happiness comes from loving others as your brothers and sisters even if your are different or have opposing views or come from a different culture. I am so grateful that the movie gives that message so poignantly.
I'm going to be vague but I learned so much this past week about my purpose as a missionary and why I am here. If you follow the Lord's will and you are in the place where he wants you to be, no matter what comes your way or arises know that you are in the right place. I'll quote a scripture to the best of my ability that is in the Bible somewhere that a general authority gave a talk on at one point.. it says "cast not therefore away your confidence." Trusting in the Lord and His plan for you is one of the greatest strengths we can have in this life. I know that me being on a mission at this time in my life is the best way I can bless the lives of my brothers and sisters here in Missouri, help my family that is back home, and become the person my Father in Heaven sees me becoming. Trust in the Lord and do not cast away your confidence, because He is always going to come through if we are keeping His commandments and following His will. 
Love yall,
Sister Skaggs

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