Monday, September 29, 2014

Courtney experiences Fall and JW's

So it is slowly turning to fall here. Some trees have lost all their leaves and others are just turning crazy colors. I know, San Diego girl experiencing seasons. I'm in heaven as I walk down the streets going out of my way to crunch every leaf I can. And it will only get better because most of the trees are still green with just splashes of red and orange! I can't wait.
This past week we had a really good lesson with an investigator. The spirit was really strong as we taught and testified of the importance of baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. We were in a members home and it was such a great setting. Then came a knock at the door. the member went to answer it and all we hear is a man proclaiming the word of God. He said, "we've got this great new website," I was trying not to bust up because it was so ironic! He engaged the member in a discussion and she took a pamphlet nicely. It was just so funny and ironic that he had come by at the exact moment we were teaching. Needless to say our investigator was not phased or swayed and the lesson continued to be very productive and powerful.
Last week at church Sister Ramsey was asked to give a talk. The night before church a Young Women's teacher asked us to teach the Beehive's class. And right after Sister Ramsey went up to the stand before sacrament meeting the Primary President came at me with a green manual asking us to teach the seven and eight year old boys the second hour! We were busy to say the least. As Sister Ramsey sat on the stand I read about Daniel and the lion's den. We acted it out and had so much fun with the three little boys! And third hour was great when we taught the Young Women. We've asked our Father in Heaven for opportunities to serve the ward members and boy has he poured them out to us! Just a couple of weeks ago I think we had seven total hours of service to members. It's great!
I was able to attend the General Women's Broadcast on Saturday night. It was such a great opportunity to hear the word of the Lord through our leaders. If you are a woman and did not have the chance to watch it, do it. We are so blessed to have a prophet, apostles, and leaders who are inspired of God. I look forward to watching all eight hours of conference this weekend! It's like a spiritual feast!
I have told yall about Sister Williams before, she is the one that is in a nursing home that we visit every week. Well we were talking about faith in Jesus Christ to her. She was feeling well that day and talking a lot. She said something I will never forget. "If you don't got faith and obedience, you don't got nothin'." That is so true. Faith is how we show our trust in our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. With that trust and faith mighty miracles can come about in our hearts and lives. Obedience is how we show our Heavenly Father we care about His word and commandments. Without those two things we really aren't giving much to the Lord, and in turn we don't have much. I am grateful for the wise words of Sister Karen Williams. May we always strive to have faith in our Heavenly Father and His plan for us, and in our Savior Jesus Christ. And may we always strive to be obedient so that we can be worthy of all the blessings that our Father has laid up in store for us.
I love you all and am grateful for your support. Open your mouths and share the good word, the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the greatest gift we have.
Love yall,
Sister Skaggs

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