Monday, November 10, 2014

Courtney found a best friend

Today it is a solid 59 degrees! No tights and I am loving this beautiful weather. Your girl from California is holding up great... until tomorrow when the high is projected to be 37 degrees! Snow is supposed to come next week. I'm looking forward to kicking it around for a good five minutes, but I'm scared to spend a whole day walking in it. I'll be sure to update yall on my ice and snow adventures.
This past week the Sister Training Leaders came in for exchanges from Keokuk, Iowa. They are super sweet and we got so much done! It's always good to have them in our area for 24 hours because they help us with investigators and finding new ones so much! This past week we found a new investigator named Paige. Paige is so cool. If I were not a missionary she would be my best friend, really. She met with us in sweats and a bun on top of her head, she goes to Truman and was going to play softball but her knee is all messed up. So pretty much she's sweet. After teaching her the Restoration I realized that I was sent here to Kirksville, Missouri to meet and help people like her. People talk about how you will know there are specific people you were sent to find, ones that in the pre earth life you told you were going to rescue. I am beginning to realize and recognize that more and more, and I am so excited to see Paige progress in the gospel.
I am having great experiences as a servant of the Lord. It is funny because I have had maybe one progressing investigator for two weeks the whole time I have been here. It's been tough at times to not see people grab hold of the gospel that I love so much. But I could not be happier. Seriously, I wake up everyday with a smile on my face and think "let's go spread that good word!" It's strange how it works. Living the gospel and being obedient to God's laws brings happiness every single time, no mater what. Even if you get the door shut in your face and investigators telling you to delete their number and baptismal dates are not met and people tell you you're wrong. God's laws are the only way to live your life and find happiness amidst the hardship. This life is meant to be enjoyed and it can be even through the darkest hour. Strive to be more obedient to God's laws, support your priesthood leaders in decisions they make with the Lord, study the word of God daily, turn to your Father in prayer often, and serve those around you with a grateful heart. There is no other way to live, no other way to find joy in this life.
Love yall,
Sister Skaggs

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