Monday, December 21, 2015

"well that's random"...and it's not the unicorn.

This is Courtney's Christmas pinata. 

The trio is dead here in Boone! At church people asked multiple times "oh, so there's only two of you now" and "where's the other one?" 
My new companion is Sister Goring from Logan, Utah! She's old in the mission too, 15 months, so it was nice to hear people tell her she's almost done instead of those cutting comments coming my way! Sister Goring and I have a lot of fun already. She likes quoting movies and talking in a Russian accent. She's a gem.
Yesterday we felt the love of Father in Heaven so so much! A sister in the ward told us to grab our car keys and follow her outside. We followed her out to her car and she gave us three big bags full of presents! Of course we opened them when we got home. We're stocked on candy and snacks until 2016! Then later in the day some random guy we talked to came driving by us in his car later on and forced money into our hands to "go buy a burger or something." He didn't have food to give us but he wanted us to get something to eat. Then at night in a members home they found out we didn't have plans for Christmas Eve. On the spot she invited us and our recent convert, Robert, to Christmas Eve dinner! 
I remember opening my mission call and thinking "well that's random." But no longer is Iowa a random place. Rather, it has a huge spot in my heart! I am reminded of how the waters of Mormon were "beautiful... to the eyes of them who there came to the knowledge of their Redeemer." For all we know the Waters of Mormon could have been a muddy pond in the middle of corn fields... but the place was beautiful to those people that came to know their Savior there! I share the same sentiment about wonderful Iowa as those people did about the Waters of Mormon. 
I love Iowa. It is the place that I have learned of my Savior more than I could possibly imagine. It saddens me that in six short weeks I will be in California and no one will quite understand why Iowa is so stinking awesome! I know that we all have our personal "Waters of Mormon" though. Places that will always have a piece of our heart because we have come to the knowledge of our Redeemer there.
And if you don't have some "random" place that has a special spot in your heart, move to Iowa! That spot will get filled real fast. 
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs 

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