Monday, December 14, 2015

Sister Sewer Climber Skaggs

Courtney shows her love for her companions by climbing down drains.

Dressed up for a Night in Bethlahem

So President Jensen called this morning... dun dun dun. Sister McKinstry and Sister Beattie will be packing their worldly possessions and will take them to transfer meeting on Thursday as they move on to new adventures. As for myself, I have contracted leprosy and will die here in Boone. No, I will not literally die, nor have I literally contracted leprosy... but I will stay in Boone for my final transfer and figuratively die as a missionary. 
This past week we were blessed to have Elder Martino of the Seventy here in our mission. It was really crazy and we traveled a ton, but we had Mission Leadership Council and Mission Tour, and it was dope! It is always an amazing blessing to be instructed by the brethren. He got us pumped to work with members to find people to teach and his testimony of the living reality of our Savior and His church was uber powerful. It really was just what I and our mission needed. We're ready to end the year strong!
On Thursday night, after a long day going to Iowa City for MLC, we got home and we unloaded all of our personal belongings from the car. I was walking to the door of our apartment and I hear Sister McKinstry yell, "Oh no!!!" I turned around and she said, "My boot just fell down the hole!" I was super confused and she said "my boot, it fell down the drain thingy." Sure enough, her boot fell into the storm drain that was conveniently placed in the curb adjacent to the trunk of our car. After a long discussion of what to do and some pretty strong apprehension about my proposed plan of attack, we pulled off the heavy metal grate, grabbed some flashlights and I climbed down the ten foot brick sewer shaft! Sure enough her boot was sitting at the bottom, and with the help of the maintenance man, Tim, I climbed back out of the whole. All I could think was, "Wow this is the best mission story I have" and "I bet my Momma would be proud!" So there you have it, I am Sister sewer climber Skaggs.
All really good stories aside, this past week was pretty rough in terms of teaching the restored gospel to people who actually want to listen and will do something about this awesome message. Our numbers were low and last night we lamented over the fact that no one wants to come to church and how we have "investigators." But then the spirit slapped me and reminded me how blessed we have been! Robert was baptized this transfer, the sisters in the Ames stake collectively had eleven baptisms this transfer, and our district of four companionships had seven! the spirit also brought to my remembrance that a family of four I contacted on exchanges last transfer are now well on their way to all being baptized and they are beyond solid!
I tell you about these things not to boast or say "look at what we've done". But rather to prove the point that Satan would always have us feel discouraged, disappointed, and low and on the other hand, the Holy Ghost works to inspire, uplift, and encourage. Our Father in Heaven is proud of our accomplishments, he wants us to move forward in faith and build on those things that we have done well in the past. I'm excited for this coming transfer and for the miracles that Father in Heaven has in store for our area!
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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