Monday, November 23, 2015

White week in Boone

This past week I was on an exchange in Fort Dodge and this old lady, Sandra, in a nursing home was praying. She said one of the cutest and sweetest prayers I have ever heard. "Thank you for this nice young sister coming to visit, Sister..." I saw her trying to read my name tag as I peeked open my eyes, "Skaggs" I say. "Oh that's right, thank you for Sister Skaggs. She looks like a good ol German gal. I'm German too, we could be good friends. That'd be nice." Best prayer ever! And if you're wondering, I'm not German, at all. 
At the end of the exchange we went to Stratford, a tiny small town, to exchange back with our real companions. The other companionship wasn't there yet so we went into a gas station to get some water, cause who knew you could get so dehydrated when it's 37 degrees out and raining? Well, we were checking out and I offered the cashier, Cheryl, a card that has a link on it to the Because He Lives video. We talked to her a little bit and she told us she was a member and hadn't been to church in quite some time. She was so happy to see us and said she'd come by the church some Sunday
We walked out with our hearts warm and ran to the car to keep our fingers from freezing. The sister who was in the ward that Cheryl was to attend felt like we should go back and talk to her. We went back inside as our companions pulled up and Cheryl was on her way back to catch us. We talked with her more and she told us that no more than ten minutes before we came in her coworker had asked her what church she went to and she responded that she went to the Baptist church in town. Immediately in her head she thought, "but really I'm a Mormon." When she saw us walk in she was shocked. As she relayed the story to us she began to cry. The spirit was there in a little gas station in the middle of nowhere, Iowa. She thanked us again and hugged us even tighter. She knew that God loved her and that our appearance was no coincidence
Robert Lundy was baptized and confirmed on Saturday the 21st. He was so happy and wouldn't stop smiling! He attended stake conference the next day where he met President and Sister Jensen, the Stake President, the Temple President, and Elder Martino of the 70. Solid. 
We got lots of snow. Sister McKinstry has never seen snow before so it was super fun watching her. She was so excited she gave herself hiccups!
Overall it was an extremely solid week full of miracles and tender mercies! I know that the Lord knows us and is extremely active in the details of our lives. It is impossible for Him to be passively involved. He is not a God of scarcity, He truly wants us to have all that Has in joy, love, glory, and peace.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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