Monday, November 2, 2015

Goat on board

One of Courtney's companions did a little make-up work on her

Ledges State Park

Last Monday we went to Ledges State Park again... only this time it was fall. Aka it was 10 times more pretty! Man oh man did we have fun adventuring and just walking around the little trails.
On Friday and Saturday we had to be in at 6:30 because of "Beggars Night" and Halloween. Sister McKinstry is really good at make up and we had fun making us look beat up and gory. Also, Sister McKinstry is my third companion that has been to cosmetology school. I think Heavenly Father is trying to tell me something... So I learned to curl my hair and with Sister McKinstry's help I'm learning other ways to look more presentable. 
Also, transfers are this week. We are staying together for another transfer here in Boone. The trio party continues!
Allan was supposed to be baptized this past week but had a family emergency out of town. Kind of alarming. Also, one of our investigators, Tommy, slipped in the bathroom and cracked his knee! Three other investigators somehow overslept with the extra hour due to daylight savings time. In the words of Tommy (who is full of solid one liners) "the devil is working overtime!" But we are not getting down, we know that the people we are teaching are approaching something far greater than the trials and speed bumps in their way. 
A few weeks ago I saw a truck that had a sticker that said "goat on board." Intrigued I went to look into the bed of the truck that was covered. Sure enough I could smell the goat before I could see it through the tinted windows. The little fella had some hay he was munching on and even had his horns painted pink... It's an Iowa thing or something. In California you find a beach full of dogs, in Hawaii kids ride bikes with chickens on their laps, in Iowa you find goats in the back of trucks. To each state their own.
Something really cool I have learned recently is that the spirit changes hearts in seconds, minutes, or days. It's true and so cool to see. Earlier this transfer on exchanges in Ames we talked to this young guy on the street. His name was Caleb. He told us he was an atheist and we just talked and invited him to learn more and gave him a card. Five minutes later we were walking back to our car and saw him walking towards us. We talked with him again and he opened up a lot, telling us his life problems and really only his brief doubt in God that he was going through. He gave us a referral and accepted a visit from the sisters for later in the week. It was the coolest thing ever to see his countenance change as he felt the spirit and we testified of God's love for him. I am so grateful that the spirit is the great teacher! I know it can and will change hearts as we are tools in Father in Heaven's hands.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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