Monday, November 16, 2015

Tornado warning!

She said she forgot her jacket, maybe her tights too?

If you know Courtney, you know why she looks so excited!  She said this was only 99 cents.  How lucky.

This past week a lot of crazy things happened. Really, a little bit of everything! 
It was our week of a lot of meetings, Tuesday we were in Iowa City all day, we planned our training on Wednesday, and had Zone Training Meeting in Ames on Thursday. It was fun seeing all the missionaries and being able to learn from President and Sister Jensen.
On Wednesday we had a bit of crazy weather. We knew there was a possibility of tornadoes and in the middle of a lesson with Robert the member's son called to say that surrounding counties were under a "tornado warning." We eventually finished the lesson and took the member home. Two blocks later we got a text that Boone County was under tornado warning so back we went to the member's home to take cover. We sat and listened to the TV and radio blaring about the storm that was sweeping across Iowa. Lots of tornadoes touched down, but none in Boone. We had some pretty crazy wind, heavy rain, and even some hail in just a ten minute span! The storm cellar was ready for us but luckily we didn't have to run down there. After the storm the sun was out and all was well.
Robert is a non smoker and is set to be baptized this Satruday! After passin ghis interview Robert said, "I'll just jump in right now!" He's awesome. The Boone ward is marvelous at fellowshipping and has really just taken him right in, it's great! If you want to know how to get active in missionary work, start by fellowshipping new or returning members. As a member fellowshipper you are some thing special to people, you are someone that we as missionaries cannot be... a normal friend! We're excited for the baptism and are praying that a family emergency doesn't come up and he has to leave town like Allan! This will be Sister McKinstry's first baptism so she's extra stoked! I should be sending some pictures of it next week after all goes well.  
Today marks 16 months since I entered the Missionary Training Center. It's totally a reason to celebrate, but not. Getting old on the mission is a weird thing, something you can't prepare for! So pray that I don't develop missionary dementia or have to have my knees replaced from kneeling so often!
No spiritual rant for your today, really. Just know that you are loved! I love you, your dog loves you (if you have one), my mom loves you or would if she knew you, Jesus Christ loves you because he knows what you're going through, and your Father in Heaven loves you more than you can imagine. 
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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