Monday, August 10, 2015

Sometimes the easiest thing isn't always the best thing

District Meeting

Teaching Primary

So this past week the two people that we had on date to be baptized had a tough time with commandments and getting permission from family. It was kinda rough not being able to see them be baptized. But such is life and such is missionary work. We say a prayer, act in faith, and put on our working shoes to find more who are prepared!
Transfers are this week but it is looking like Sister Williams and I will stay together because we haven't heard anything from President and he'll usually call when one of us gets transferred. Fingers are still crossed though! I can't leave Des Moines yet, I just love it way too much.
Random awesome moment during the week: one of my favorite people to bring to lessons, Janet Quam, said this week in a lesson "Sometimes the easiest thing isn't always the best thing." She testifies so boldly and kinda puts people in their place! It's the best.
This week I have been focusing more on utilizing and seeking the spirit during lessons. I have prayed for help and it has been amazing! I love that the spirit testifies of truth, there's nothing better than testifying of precious truths, feeling the spirit strongly, and knowing that those you are teaching are feeling it as well. I love it! It is an amazing blessing to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to testify of Him with the Spirit. The mantle is heavy, it's hard, and I am always tired. But I know that my Father in Heaven will not leave me comfortless or directionless. The Spirit is always there to help, lift, and inspire. What an amazing gift! This week seek the spirit more in prayer and listen to promptings. I watched "On The Lord's Errand" this past week during a lunch hour (yeah, that's what we do as missionaries), the movie about Thomas S. Monson and he said something to this effect: "There is nothing more rewarding than to act on a prompting of the spirit and find out that it was an answer to someone's prayer or concern." I know that we can ALL be instruments in the Lord's hands if we but seek the spirit in all we do.
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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