Monday, August 3, 2015

I Am A Child Of God

You're up for another week of the Midwest weather update! It's been beyond beautiful lately, just warm and a whole lot of sun. The other day we taught a lesson outside and I got slightly more tan! I think yesterday all morning there were just little tufts of clouds in the sky, it was really pretty but by afternoon thunderclouds rolled through, and then by sunset the clouds were painted orange and pink! I say it a lot but the clouds here, but they are beautiful. They've become one of my favorite tender mercies, along with dogs hanging their heads out the window as they smile.

This past week we took one of our recent converts, Janet, to a lesson with us. I told you about Janet back in May but if you don't remember, she is blind and has amazing faith! Well Janet testified like a champ and totally related to our investigator. Also this week we sang "I Am a Child of God" to her and she listened to it on her own a whole lot! We taught it to her the second visit that we had with her and she was golden. Janet has never been able to sing at church because she cannot read print and she just hasn't been able to pick up on the songs. So after we taught her that beloved primary hymn I hoped and prayed a little that we would sing it at church on Sunday. The first and second hours came and went with no appearance of the song. But as the bustle of Relief Society settled down I saw up on the white board "#301 I Am a Child of God." I leaned over to Janet and said "guess what hymn we're singing?" she got a huge grin and said "no way?!" Janet sang all three verses of the song as Sister Williams, Sister Froerer (who was visiting Des Moines), and I all looked at each other with joy in our hearts for our dear sister, Janet.

I know that our Father in Heaven knows us. He seeks to make us smile and is joyous in our righteous pursuits. That small little miracle of singing "I Am a Child of God" powerfully reaffirmed this eternal truth. He is our loving Father in Heaven, I know it is true.
Unfortunately there is a man sitting across from me listening to screamo music far too loud and he won't stop quietly burping. It's been going on 15 minutes. So I best be leaving!

Love y'all!
Sister Skaggs

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