Monday, December 15, 2014

learning about forgiving others

Whoa not much time left! This will have to be a quick one.
This past week was great as we went to Nauvoo for a Christmas Zone Conference! There were three zones there and it was such a good time. We heard some trainings, ate a delicious lunch, each district performed skits, and we watched the movie Ephraim's Rescue. That was an all day ordeal and then we came back to Kirksville to attend a community Christmas concert held at the church building (of course we played Dead Thing on our drive home. That game is a great way to get to know the wildlife in an area). Us missionaries were all almost falling asleep!Saturday morning we helped with the Primary Christmas activity and in the afternoon helped set up for the ward Christmas dinner! We spent all day at the church building! It was such a fun day full of service to the ward and I loved it.
Ealier in the week we met with Maria and she told us to go to the Mexican restaurant her son owns to meet him and his kids. They were totally rad and hopefully we will be able to teach them soon or have them come to church with Maria!
I want to try and explain something that the spirit taught me this week in my studies. It's about spiritual progression and one of the greatest hinderences to that most valuable progress. Simply put, holding grudges, seeking revenge, and not forgiving others is one of the greatest detriments to spiritual progression. When we do these things we are in bondage, unable to move forward because we are to preoccupied with the past to even be able to see where to take the next step. This is exactly how Satan feels. His plan in the premortal realm was rejected and so he acted out in rage. The dude hasn't gotten past it and is so obviously miserable. He is spiritually damned and because of his pride he won't ever be able to move forward. It was interesting to realize that Satan, the author of contention and misery, is holding onto a grudge and seeking revenge. Moral of the story is, move forward, look forward, and don't hold on to the past. Our Father in Heaven's nature is starkly different to that of our lost brother. He wants us to be happy, let go of things in the past, and move forward in faith on our spiritual path to return to Him. It is my prayer that we strive to be like Nephi who "frankly [forgave]" his wicked brethren as we seek for constant spiritual progression.
Love yall,
Sister Skaggs

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