Monday, January 12, 2015

Good bye Kirksville

So we got a call from President Jensen this morning, Sister Paul is going on the eternal transfer to Garden Grove, California and I will be transferred as well! Elders will be taking our place because there are not enough sisters coming out anymore! I was dramatically devastated to be leaving this lovely place. But I am so happy that I have been able to spend six amazing months here in Kirksville. I have learned to love people freely and will miss them dearly. 
Something I will miss about Kirksville is that people hang dead deer in their garages as they prepare them for slaughter and grubbing. We saw one the other night and it was a little alarming. Then yesterday we had deer roast at the Jenson's. It was deliciously amazing! I'm really glad I made it our of Kirksville having eaten deer.
So this past week when Sister Paul went to the temple I worked in Keokuk with two other sisters. For some reason Keokuk civic leaders do not see it important to plow roads besides the one main one that runs through town. I was walking up a little hill and totally slipped! I've experienced two forms of the "winter slip" now. Ice and snow. The good thing about slipping in snow is that it doesn't hurt as bad and doesn't happen as fast as slipping on ice. Oh the things you learn as a missionary serving in the Midwest!
But after I slipped we almost immediately found a potential investigator. It was a good 12 degrees out. We hadn't seen anyone walking the streets all day. But we had parked our car to do some finding and there comes walking down the snow filled sidewalk, a lone man. It was amazing. We were shocked. We talked to him and Sister Muirbrook set up an appointment to go see him and his family later in the week. The Lord directs His work. He put us, His servants, in that man's path to give Him the opportunity to hear the restored gospel. So too will He guide and direct our lives if we but live worthy of His spirit, humble ourselves to His will, and trust Him with our lives. That lesson is invaluable and something that has been so useful as I have been in the Lord's service. I love His work.
Love yall,
Sister Skaggs

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