Tuesday, January 27, 2015

He is the best father....

Courtney with her grandparents, right before she left.

So we had a full week in Bettendorf, Iowa, "A Premier City", as it says on the city signs and residential trash cans. I am enjoying it here and Sister Nakayu is so great. We have some good laughs but know how to get down to business. The work here is moving forward at a tortoise's pace, but at least it is moving forward! We are excited for this coming week because we have found a lot of potential investigators this past week and we are going to knock doors for days!
Today we are going on a tour of the John Deere factory. Of course I am going to buy a hat! It also has been snowing a bit here. It was really pretty to watch fall as we studied for two hours this morning. Not much else going on here in eventful Iowa! We're excited for the week to come and hopefully I'll have some great and interesting encounters with people of the Midwest in the coming week. 
These past twelve hours have been pretty eventful though. My Grandfather, LeRoy Hemingway, passed last night and I was able to talk to my family for a little bit. Just a half an hour before I got a call from my mission president I was sitting on my bed looking at the pictures that are up on my wall. There are a good 50+ strewn all across the wall by my bed. But as I was looking at them and thinking about my family and friends I focused on one of my favorite pictures of my Grandma and Grandpa. I was so happy to have them in my life, I was thankful for them. Just an hour later as I talked to my family I realized that my family back in San Diego was doing the same thing as they spent the last few moments with my Grandpa. 
Our Father in Heaven is mindful of us. He knows our circumstances and comforts us. He knows what lies ahead when our vision is blurred or hindered. He prepares us for the trials of life. He is the best father I could ask for. I could not be more comforted and at peace than I am now. I know that I will see my Grandpa again. I know that he is now with my uncle and they are totally having fun together! I know that they will be watching over me as I participate in this most precious work. The plan of salvation is real! It is true! It brings comfort and joy in the most troublesome circumstances. What a joy and blessing the gospel of Jesus Christ is!
Love y'all,
Sister Skaggs

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