Monday, August 18, 2014

"Hi, I'm picking weeds!"

Kirksville- Letter# 3

So I've heard there is some serious unrest here in Missouri that has lead to national news and riots and curfews and craziness. I'll have you know that I am safe and well up here in Kirksville! Like i've said the people here are nice and inviting for the most part.
A few funny tidbits to tell today. The other day Sister Ramsey and I were walking down the street and we saw this older lady picking weeds on the side of the raod, not even near a house. We get closer to her and she turns around still in her crouch and exclaims, "Hi, I'm picking weeds!" She was picking the weeds down the street from her house so that they wouldn't spread to her lawn! That is some dedication to lawncare. We talked to her a bit and when she realized we were missionaries she wasn't as friendly but it was such a funny experience! Sister Ramsey and I have a good laugh with that line every once and a while. We go to the nursing home, Kirksville Manor Care, twice a week for service. We paint old lady's nails and help them play bingo. Bingo is fun if you're sitting next to a funny and snarky old lady, but when they're all quiet you could hear a pin drop in there between bingo calls. All you hear is the monotone bingo czar calling out numbers "B-19. B-1-9. Alright, clear your cards. Bueller. Bueller." I don't know how many times I've yawned or daydreamed in there! It is super funny though and sometimes I just laugh at the situation.
There is a sister that we visit at Manor Care that we love. she doesn't play bingo but she is an older sister who is too ill to make it to church. Her name is Sister Williams. She is not doing well and has a lot of hard days of being sick and not having visitors. But her smile always beams on her face when we appear in her door. She makes us happy and is a pleasure to be around. If we could we would just spend our whole day there talking and visiting with her. Last week Siser Ramsey had a great idea and we made her cards just to tell her how much we love and care for her. She was so happy to have them. I know that as we serve others and brighten their days the Lord blesses and brightens our days as well. He cannot make cards for those who need it, but we can. We are His hands here on the earth and it is through service that we can bring about His great works.
I love it here in Missouri, I know I say it every week but I really do. The heat and humidity make my hair almost unmanagable sometimes and I sweat a lot, but the Lord's work is so enjoyable and makes it worth every minute. Just fyi, at Walmart today I saw three different men wearing overalls. I love the people out here and their kind hearts even if they do shut the door in our faces.
God bless you all,
Sister Skaggs

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