Friday, July 18, 2014

MTC Letter # 1

I am here at the MTC and still alive after two full days. Everyone has told me to just make it to Sunday and everything will be fine. But I am loving it here! They keep us super busy with classes, study time, and orientation. Yesterday we left our dorm at 7:15 and didn't get back until 9:30 at night! Crazy busy and crazy awesome. Full of spiritual experiences! It is so so tiring. Think when you go to church for three hours and get home and immediately wanna take a nap. Well we are at church for 14 hours. So when we got home yesterday all I wanted to do was take a huge nap! I know it's an adjustment to the schedule and my spiritual muscles will grow though. It's crazy because even though I am incredibly tired and overwhelmed at times, I am so happy. It can't be described. The experiences I've had in workshops, classes, and with my companion have just been the best. 
My companion is Sister Robinson from Alpine, Utah. I was scared I would get a 19 year old companion and I did. But she is so amazing! She has been prepared so well for this work and she is so fun to be around. We really are around each other 24/7. It's weird to be honest. But I'll get used to hovering and telling her when I need to use the restroom. I'm glad she's so pleasant to be around.
The cafeteria is cool here, much better than I ever experienced at BYU-Hawaii. I had some dank curly fries for lunch yesterday, and yes mom, I ate salad! The salad is actually really good here and I ate it for lunch and dinner yesterday. It's definitely not on my list to get fat here. 
Tonight we have our first lesson with an "instigator". He's really our teacher and we'll be role playing but we're going to teach a legit lesson! I am nervous kinda, but mostly excited. They tell us that from here on out we will be teaching everyday. 
Crazy story! When I got here someone told me that there was another Sister Skaggs coming the same day! What?! And just a few hours ago I ran into her in the hall! We talked and she took a picture. She's from Temecula and we both worked in the San Diego temple before coming on our missions. So so crazy and cool. Her classroom is right down the hall from mine so we're going to bring our genealogy with us tomorrow and figure out how we're related.
This place is great, tiring, overwhelming, and one big spiritual high. I am loving it and couldn't be happier! 

Love you all,
Sister Skaggs

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